“Bakit Hindi Ako”? Christine Reyes Shared Her Stress After Losing in “I Can Do That”

“Bakit Hindi Ako”? Christine Reyes Shared Her Stress After Losing in “I Can Do That”

  • Christine Reyes wowed people wiith her fire dancing and breathing performance in the finals of "I Can Do That"
  • She lost to the death defying act of Wacky Kiray.
  • Looks like she didn't take it well.

Christine Reyes did a fiery act for the finals of ABS-CBN’s hit show I Can Do That but she fell short of winning it all. Who won? Well if you didn’t know, it was Wacky Kiray who faced his fear of heights in a death-defying act that’s definitely just as, if not more impressive.

The show ended last week but it looks like Christine ain’t over  it just yet. In an interview with the hosts of “Magandang Buhay”, and she told her side of the story.



She said that she was in a state of shock when she was not announced the winner and she recalled saying, “bakit hindi ako”. She also said how she felt left behind by everyone in the show after the announcement.

That’s just the beginning of it! Actually, she threw a party (which looks like a supposed victory party) and she said that she held in the tears but when she got home, she couldn’t hold it in and there was waterworks.

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Christine said that she then video messaged her husband, Ali Khatibi, to vent out her sadness and frustration. When she was asked if she could do an interview for Tito Boy’s Tonight With Boy Abunda and Magandang Buhay, she initially refused, saying that she can’t face the public just yet.

Because of that, her mother-in-law gave her a piece of advice:

“you have to face them, show them that even if you got defeated, show them that you can face them.”

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Watch the interview right here!

The netizens were mixed with the interview. There were people who are saying that she deserved to win and that they are just happy for her honesty while there were people who are saying that what she did just makes her petty and a sore loser.

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Source: ABS-CBN

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