She Survived The Crash Which Killed 107 People. After 12 Years, She Stuns Simon With Her Voice!

She Survived The Crash Which Killed 107 People. After 12 Years, She Stuns Simon With Her Voice!

  • A woman who survived a plane crash appeared on America's Got Talent.
  • Simon Cowell was extremely impressed by her performance.
  • Watch her whole video here and be amazed as well!

Simon Cowell is one of the hardest people to impress. He is notorious for his controversial and blunt comments that often leave contestants wallowing in tears. He has been a judge for competitions such as Pop Idol, The X FactorBritain’s Got Talent, and, most notably, American Idol

Currently, Simon Cowell works as one of the panelists on America’s Got Talentwhich is currently in this 12th season. According to Newsner, this woman caught Simon Cowell’s attention when she sang for the judges. The source said her name is Kechi and her face was severely scarred after she was involved in a horrifying plane crash.

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She was only 16-years-old at the time. There were only two survivors of the plane crash and Kechi was one of them. The source claimed that she used music as a means to cope with her trauma. According to Kechi:

“Lying in the hospital bed, not being able to move or do anything, music was my escape. That’s why it means so much to me.”

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Twelve years after the tragic incident, Kechi had undergone around 100 operations. It was then that she decided to join America’s Got Talent. She sang a rendition of Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud. Afterwards, Simon Cowell himself gave her a standing ovation for her impressive performance.

via YouTube
via YouTube

America’s Got Talent official YouTube account uploaded a video of Kechi’s performance. Many netizens expressed their own thoughts in the comments section. Here were some of them:

“this is perfect example of don’t juge people by there looks because she’s amazing (with smiling emoji” 

“She honestly deserved one of the golden buzzers. What an amazing beautiful person she is.” 

“I remember you. the same crash that took Pastor Bimbo Odukoya. it was her and Pastor Bimbo’s PA that survived. even if she doesn’t win, she’s a testimony. God bless you lady” 

“This is Divine Destiny; even a plane crash couldn’t hold her down” 

Catch Kechi’s amazing performance here:

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SOURCE: Newsner

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