GIRL, BOY, BAKLA, TOMBOY: Look at This Girl Who People Thought Was a Gay Man Because of Her Short Hair!

GIRL, BOY, BAKLA, TOMBOY: Look at This Girl Who People Thought Was a Gay Man Because of Her Short Hair!

  • A female Facebook user aired out her sentiments.
  • She was constantly perceived as being a gay man because of her short hair.
  • Read on to find out her whole story!

Back in the day, it used to be that girls would only sport long hair because of society’s standards. Nowadays, people’s tastes are much more open and progressive. However, some people’s beliefs are still stuck in the antiquated past. These backwards traditionalists still believe that a girl who sports short hair is either secretly a gay man or a lesbian.

This was what Facebook user Jasmine Brosas Araneta experienced in her day-to-day life as a girl with a short hair. Jasmine said that people usually perceived her as a gay man because she looked like a beautiful “bakla.”

According to her post:

“Debale ng sabihan ka ng baklang mukang babae, kesa sabihan ka ng babaeng mukang bakla.”

Jasmine said that she would never forget those words that came from a gay contest. She narrated that she is often perceived as a gay man because of the way she looks.

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Jasmine clarified that she has nothing against lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transsexuals. However, she was bothered by how people perceived her. She listed down some examples:

(one) NV
Ate 1: Ang ganda naman ni ate!
Ate 2: Ay nako, bakla naman yan eh!

(two) NV
inoffer ko yung seat ko sa isang nanay na may dalang baby.
Ateng nasa kabilang side: Ang bait naman ni ate girl.
Ateng katabi ni ateng nasa kabilang side: Dapat lang no, lalaki naman siya.

Pag magkasama kame ni boyfie, napagkakamalan syang may jowang bakla. (Nadamay pa jowabels ko sa kaartehan ko) Buti nalang may pahabol na, “Buti nalang maganda yung bakla.” (nv)

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From her post, Jasmine revealed that she has a boyfriend, a clear indication that she was, in fact, a heterosexual woman. She said that she was fed up with the judgment that people passed on to her just because she has short hair. She said:

“My point here is, wag tayong masyadong negative, judgemental, stereotype or kung anu pa. Hindi lang naman para sa boys ang short hair. Right? (with a smiling emoji)”

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She also added that just because girls cut their hair short does not mean that they want to “move on” from a relationship or any negative experience or encounter they had. She said:

“PS. Hindi rin ibig sabihin ng nagpa-shorthair eh NAG-MOVEON, NAG-REBELDE, NAG-TANGGAL NG STRESS, or NAGPAKATOMBOY na. Okays?!”

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Jasmine said that people shouldn’t judge girls who sport short hair. In addition, one shouldn’t be judged simply because of their appearance. This does not only offend the person being judged, but the people who are being stereotyped as well. In this case, actual gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transsexuals.

Curious to see more of Jasmine? Check her out below:

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Everyone has the right to choose and be proud of their own appearance because it is a matter of personal choice that should only be dictated by the individual. That’s just how free will works.

What do you think about Jasmine’s post? Have you ever encountered a similar situation as well? What did you do? How did you react? Tell us in the comments section below!

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