The Stories of These Pinoy Celebrities Proves That Their Love for Each Other Is Unconditional!

The Stories of These Pinoy Celebrities Proves That Their Love for Each Other Is Unconditional!

  • These celebrities prove that there's a forever!
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  • Find out who these powerful love tandems are!

The concept of true love is very hard to define (and find), especially in the world of showbiz and entertainment where appearance is given much more substance and value over other attributes. However, there are couples who prove that indeed, such a thing exists. Like the hashtag in social media goes, #mayforever.

Filipino Republic ran down a list of some of the couples in the showbiz industry who have successfully faced the trials and challenges that come with finding true love and maintaining that deep emotional connection with someone else amidst the glitz and the glamor of the silver screen.

Cheska Garcia & Doug Kramer 


You see them in TV commercials with their kids, portraying one big, happy family. This bond is unsurprising because the couple has been together for over 13 years. In fact, their tandem – together with their kids – is called ‘Team Kramer.” According to GMA Entertainment, Cheska and Doug said that theirs was a “typical love-at-first-sight” story.


Jessa Zaragoza & Dingdong Avanzado 


Jessa Zaragoza is one of the most famous singers in the Philippine music industry, especially back in the ’90s with her soulful hits and powerful vocal prowess. It was true love when she married Dingdong, who is a singer and a composer as well with a lot of hits under his belt. The musically-inclined couple has been together for 15 years already.

Charlene Gonzales & Aga Muchlach 


Did you know that Aga never considered Charlene his girlfriend back then? ABS-CBN News said that the couple “skipped a step or two in their love story” because Aga immediately asked for her hand in marriage before they even dated each other. Now, they are one of the most iconic couples in the showbiz industry.


Carmina Villaroel & Zoren Legaspi 


Carmina and Zoren’s love story gave the public instant “kilig” when Zoren actually surprised her with nothing less but their own wedding. Carmina initially thought that she was just going to shoot another ice cream commercial (the couple are well-known faces of Selecta), but Zoren had other plans – he surprised her with a wedding instead!


Lucy Torres & Richard Gomez 


One of the power couples in showbiz, Richard and Lucy found true love and had each other’s backs when they were still young (okay, that might be an exaggeration), but EV Mail reported that Lucy initially had a crush on him when she was 12-years-old. The rest, as they say, is history. The two married each other in 1998 which was dubbed the “Wedding of the Year” at that time.


Gellie de Belen & Ariel Rivera


Gellie and Ariel’s love story is one of the most underestimated ones but despite the controversies that have surrounded them, theirs is a true love story that has (and will continue) to withstand the test of time. The source said: “According to Gelli, having respect to each other and being generous is the key to [successful] marriage.”


Gladys Reyes & Christopher Roxas


Did you know that the two met each other on the set of Mara Clara set back in the ’90s when Gladys was just becoming a star in her own right due to her classic antagonistic role? Now, both are avid Christian followers who have their own kids that were named with French-inspired names!

What do you think about these couples? Who among them are your #relationshipgoals? Let us know in the comments section below!

SOURCE: Filipino Republic

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