This Graduate Snuck Her Robes Out Of The Ceremony – Why She Did It Will Surely Make You Cry

This Graduate Snuck Her Robes Out Of The Ceremony – Why She Did It Will Surely Make You Cry

  • Many parents would love to see their child march in the ceremonial toga once they graduate
  • This netizen shared how she snuck her graduation robes out of the ceremony - for good reason
  • She wanted to show her mother, who's fighting cancer, that she's finally graduated from college

Many of us who go through high school and college dream of becoming a graduate – in order to make our parents proud and to pursue our own life-goals as well.

There’s nothing more special for a parent than to see their child finally wear that ceremonial graduation toga and march towards their diploma. It means they’ve finally achieved the education they’ve needed to become an adult and find their own path.

This netizen shared her heartbreaking and touching message towards her mother who is currently fighting cancer. Her story begins with a rather unauthorized act – sneaking out with her toga.


Netizen Christine Jasmin Samante Edrozo shared on Facebook how she snuck her toga out from under the noses of the registration booth. She did apologize to her superiors because she did it for good reason.

The graduate went over to the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) to see her ailing mother. She wanted to show her mother her ceremonial robes because her mother’s condition wouldn’t allow her to see the young girl march.

What came next was a heartfelt open letter directed to the graduate’s mother – to tell her that she loved her, that she understands the meaning endurance and the hope that the mother would get well soon as her graduation gift.

Read the netizen’s viral Facebook post here:


This viral Facebook post has received over 63K reactions, over 9K shares and 3.9K comments as over writing.

Many netizens shared their support, prayers and well-wishes towards Ms. Edrozo’s mother.

A netizen wrote: “God Bless po Nanay! Kaya mo ‘yan Mabait po ang Panginoon. Pray lang po always”

Another netizen wrote: “Sana po gumaling na mama mo, walang imposible sa mag dasal, congratz po ate, npaka bait mong anak. Npa iyak aku”

Yet another one wrote: “Naiyak ako habang binabasa lo to. Congrats and tiwala lang kay God. Sana gumaling na mama mo.”

We at TNP hope your mother makes a speedy recovery as well Ms. Edrozo! Congratulations on becoming a graduate!

What can you say about that viral story? Do you have any dreams you wish to dedicate to your parents?

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