Summer Vacation Turned Into An Unexpected “Hospital Vacation”

Summer Vacation Turned Into An Unexpected “Hospital Vacation”

  • What's your holiday plan?
  • Going to the beach? Make sure not to get "sand burn."
  • This family experienced "sand burn" literally, and it is not as rare as you would think it is.

Many of us spend our summer vacation with our family on the beach. Soaking ourselves in the summer sun, building sand castles, splashing waters in the sea, and eating barbecue with the fam. But what if your precious holiday moments becomes a horrible experience for you and your kid?

Jacob, a three-year-old kid fell in a hole with hot coal which has been covered by sand. It is most likely the embers of a bonfire.

She told Norwegian TV2 that she saw Jacob’s skin already falling off. The kid sustained serious injuries mainly on the his feet.

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It has been four years since the accident happened, but Katja Kafling Wichmann said that an article about a man who suffered the same traumatic experience like her son pushed her to open up and share Jacob’s story. She posted her son’s experience in Facebook and it immediately went viral.

In her Facebook post, she said that “It took a year of hospitalizations, great physical pain, and rehabilitation—not to mention the emotional toll,”

She rushed Jacob to the nearest hospital and the emergency staff instantly help her and immediately treated her son Jacob.

But horrible news got Katja on the floor. The doctor said that Jacob could lose his toes.

Fortunately, the doctors were able to save Jacob’s toes.

via newsner
via newsner

It was truly a horrific and traumatizing experience both for Katja and Jacob, but it also made them stronger.

Have you also had the same traumatic experience as Katja? Comment below if you do.

SOURCE: Newsner

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