Still Recall Uma Khouny From Season 1 Of Pinoy Big Brother? This Is His Life Now!

Still Recall Uma Khouny From Season 1 Of Pinoy Big Brother? This Is His Life Now!

  • ex-PBB housemate Uma Khouny is busy living his life in NYC.
  • Uma loves his dog, Marcos.
  • The former Trip na Trip host is still in touch with his Pinoy roots.

The first edition of Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) came out in 2005. It ran from August 21, 2005 until December 10, 2005. The show had twelve housemates. In the end, Nene Tamayo was declared the big winner. She was followed by Jason Gainza, then Cass Ponti, and finally, Uma Khouny. Uma came in fourth with 52,833 votes. In other words, he got 4.7% of the total votes received overall.

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Uma Khouny was often paired with Cass Ponti while they were inside Kuya’s house. Uma Khouny is half Filipino and half Israeli. He was also the only housemate who was never nominated for eviction during his season of PBB.

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After spending 112 days inside the house and taking fourth place, Uma was granted hosting duties with Katherine (Kat) de Castro for Trip Nna Trip, a local travel show that aired in 2006. After Uma posted a throwback photo of his Trip Na Trip days with Kat on Instagram, several fans commented that Uma should come back to the Philippines host a travel show with Kat once again.

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Uma is currently living in the United States of America, specifically in New York City. As shown on his Instagram he is very fond of his dog named Marcos.

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What else would you like to know about Uma? Well, he turned 35 in November of last year. He seemingly has a lady in his life, based on his Intagram feed (however, that might just be pure speculation). He was born to Pinay mom and an Arab/Israeli dad. During his stint on PBB, he applied for residency here in the Philippines.

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Uma Khouny is currently living a life away from the limelight. Whatever he’s doing, his fans surely hope for the best for him.

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