TRENDING PHOTO: Domestic Helper Forced To Sleep In The Hallway Of The Apartment While Her Employers Are On Vacation!

TRENDING PHOTO: Domestic Helper Forced To Sleep In The Hallway Of The Apartment While Her Employers Are On Vacation!

  • Netizens were angry at this post about a domestic helper.
  • She was seen sleeping outside the apartment building.
  • Read on to find out what they said about the issue!

One of the earliest occupations that gained popularity among the OFWs otherwise known as overseas Filipino worker is as domestic helpers. This is because the occupation meant even Filipinos without a degree could apply overseas and get paid in a comparatively high amount (when their salaries are converted to Philippine pesos).

As such, many Filipinos who eagerly wanted to help out their family financially chose to become domestic helpers. On paper, its job description seems easy enough – clean up after the employers’ mess and keep the household running smoothly. However, not all foreign employers are kind at heart, some have malicious tendencies.

Take this case that was reported by Kwentong OFW. According to them, a domestic helper in Singapore was maltreated by her employers. What did they do? The source gathered a post that was made by a Facebook user. In the post, it noted how the Filipina’s employers stayed away on a holiday.


But the catch was this: They didn’t want their house help to stay in their apartment while they were out. So they made her stay outside the apartment door.

The source noted that initially, they asked her to look for a place where she can temporarily stay for free. Unfortunately, the Filipina didn’t find any shelter. In the end, she just slept outside the apartment without having any allowance or pocket money with her.


The original Facebook post with the picture of the domestic helper has already gone viral all over the social media platform. It wasn’t cited how long her employers had stayed away on vacation. Meanwhile, some netizens commented on the issue. Here were some gathered:

“Alis sa dyn…ang agency nya dapat sisihin dyn…” 

“Grabe nman klasing amo” 

“Amo pa din ang kkampihan ng mga agency” 

“Grabe naman yan employer mo kabayan” 

“naku tung amo na tu may pera kayung ang holiday peo di nio kayang ilodging sa agency yang maid nio.. utot nio..!!! alam nio bang bawal yang ginawa nio.. dapat si kabayan di pumayag ng ganyn.. panu n lng ung daily food mu.. taz san ka nkkgamit ng bathroom kung maliligo.. g*gong amo lang tu..”

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Shocking! Do you have friends or family members who are working in Singapore as a domestic helper? What do you think about this issue? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

SOURCE: Kwentong OFW

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