Journalist Ed Lingao Fires Back At Erwin Tulfo, Accepts Fist Fight Proposal!

Journalist Ed Lingao Fires Back At Erwin Tulfo, Accepts Fist Fight Proposal!

  • Ed Lingao bashed Erwin Tulfo again through a lengthy post on Facebook.
  • The issue started when Ed lingao reacted on Erwin Tulfo's cussing about Senator Hontiveros.
  • Ed Lingao also accepted Erwin Tulfo's fist fight proposal.

Broadcaster Erwin Tulfo was bashed by veteran journalist Ed Lingao again after Tulfo threw insults and cuss words at Senator Risa Hontiveros for allegedly expressing support for the Maute terrorist group, only to find out it was fake news. Lingao wrote a lengthy rebuttal on his Facebook account on Sunday, pulling no punches on his TV5 colleague Erwin Tulfo, who on Saturday made a 38-minute video rant against him.

According to Lingao on his first Facebook post, the fact that Tulfo cussed repeatedly is a clear violation of the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) code of ethics. But more alarmingly is Tulfo’s long-drawn reaction to the fake news.


Ed Lingao bashed Erwin Tulfo on June 16 for reacting on fake news that said Sen. Hontiveros supports the Maute group. In a statement, the Liberal Party (LP) Senator denied that she made the statement. Later, it was proven that the Senator was victimized by a fake news, and Erwin Tulfo also corrected himself.

The veteran journalist explained that the Senator never meant to show support to the terrorist group. Lingao also wrote on his Facebook to call out Tulfo for cussing and to clarify that he was rallying for Tulfo’s suspension or dismissal in a recent Facebook post.


Lingao also condemned Tulfo for being irresponsible and malicious after mentioning the death of his child. Before ending, he said he is accepting Tulfo’s fist fight invitation at the back of the gym of TV5, anytime he wants to. However, one condition should be that Tuflod be the first one to throw a punch. Nevertheless, he said he will fight back.

What can you say about this fight between two media practitioners? After checking both statements, let us know whose side are you on in the comment sections below!

SOURCE: Facebook

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