This Mom Was Originally Pregnant With Twins but Gave Birth to Them 2 Weeks Apart! WATCH HERE!

This Mom Was Originally Pregnant With Twins but Gave Birth to Them 2 Weeks Apart! WATCH HERE!

  • This mother originally had twins in her womb.
  • However, she gave birth to them at separate times.
  • Watch the video below to find out what happened!

When a woman is pregnant with twins, chances are, she’ll have a harder time giving birth because two people will come out of her womb. Prior to this, she has to watch her diet carefully so that she can give both babies the nutrients they need.

In addition, a woman’s health needs constant guidance because carrying two people inside will definitely wear her out (how much more? three, or four times a single birth). Little Things posted a story on their website about a mother who was initially pregnant with twins.



Her name is LaTroya Woolridge. On her 24th week of pregnancy, she experienced intense labor pains. Normally, a woman would have to carry a baby inside her womb for 36 weeks or 9 months, according to Baby Center’s website.

Woolridge had episodes of vomiting and this prompted her to go to a doctor so that she could find out what was wrong. When the doctor revealed that she was already in labor, Woolridge became anxious. She was in fact, given two options.



The first choice was that her twins would be delivered prematurely through a Caesarean section. They had no choice since Woolridge was already showing signs of labor. The doctor presented her another option that she took – that one of the twins would have to be delivered first through natural means.



The second one would have to be observed. According to the source: “The second option was to deliver the first baby naturally… and wait to see what would happen with the twin.” Woolridge didn’t risk her twins being delivered prematurely. She chose the second option, which would give them more time to develop inside of her.

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The first baby was named Amara and when she came out of her mother’s womb, she only weighed over one pound, despite the doctors and Woolridge waiting it out for the twins’ full development.

Her twin is a boy named Arthur. Arthur had to be inside Woolridge’s womb, the doctors cited. They said that the extra time would enable Arthur to fully grow and reach his potential. They believed it would be beneficial for his overall health, so they insisted the mother that he be not delivered.


Meanwhile, in an interview, Woolridge stated her opinions. She said: “I didn’t even know that was possible. I have heard of twins being born on different days because they were a few minutes apart, but I had no idea that it was possible for twins to be born with a significantly different date of birth.”


The mother was faced with two situations – she had to keep Arthur in the womb while at the same time, see Amara struggle to live in the intensive care unit. However, the source wasn’t able to fully cite why or how Amara had struggled, although, at that time, she was already presumed to be fully developed.

Here is a video report that was uploaded by the YouTube account of ‘Inside Edition‘ for your reference. Watch it below!

What do you think about Woolridge delaying one of her twins? Do you think she made the right choice? What would you do if you were in her situation? Let us know in the comments section below!

SOURCE: Little Things

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