Netizens Are Fascinated By This Woman’s Youthful Look. You Won’t Guess What Her Actual Age Is!

Netizens Are Fascinated By This Woman’s Youthful Look. You Won’t Guess What Her Actual Age Is!

  • This woman was dubbed as Japan’s Lady of Eternal Youth.
  • She won Japan's Youthful Pageant.
  • Read on to find out her real age!

She may look like she’s a twenty-something or in her late teens, but Ms. Masako Mizutani was actually born in 1968. That makes her 49 years old this year! Indeed, she deserved to bring home the crown from Japan’s Youthful Pageant in 2015. Prior to joining, she was also dubbed as Japan’s Lady of Eternal Youth.

Ever since winning the pageant, Ms. Mizutani has been receiving calls and invites from modeling agencies. Nowadays, the desire to remain youthful has pushed multi-billion dollar companies in the realms of cosmetics, surgery, clothing, pharmaceuticals, physical training, and healthy foods around the world. She is a crowning testament of these modern wonders.

via Viral4Real
via Viral4Real
via Viral4Real

As for Ms. Mizutani, she revealed she “follows a strict vegetarian diet, does not go anywhere near alcohol or tobacco, limits her exposure to the sun, and spends at least 5 hours a day on skin and body care.” She didn’t spill more details about the specifics of her 5-hour beauty regimen, but that’s a lot of hardwork!

There’s an underlying stereotype that Asian women look younger than their actual age. Well, take a look at the photo below. She’s standing beside her daughter—the lady in red. Wow!

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Prior to joining the pageant, Ms. Mizutani is already a celebrity in Japan as she is a Japanese magazine model and she has her own blog where she put entries of her beauty product recommendations. She acquired an instant fame in 2009 when she guested on a variety show to spill the secrets behind her youthful look.

Ms. Mizutani’s popularity also reached fans based in Taiwan after a Chinese fan-made blog reached over 10,000 followers. In 2012, however, issues arose as people noticed that she looked different online compared to her television appearances and suspected that her blog looks were Photoshop-ed. Check out her blog, Masako’s Lifestyle.

What can you say about this? Do you think her appearance was just edited or did she put on heavy make-up to look younger in cameras? Share your thoughts with us in the comments field below.

SOURCE: Viral 4 Real, Koreaboo, Sora News 24

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