Trusting His Gut Feeling, an Officer Followed A Dog – What He Saw At The End Was Shocking!

Trusting His Gut Feeling, an Officer Followed A Dog – What He Saw At The End Was Shocking!

  • Alaskan State Troopers were responding to an emergency but couldn't locate the house
  • They found Buddy the dog wandering the streets who then raced down a road
  • The police followed the clever dog and discovered where the incident occured

Alaska State Troopers responded to an emergency fire somewhere in the municipality of Anchorage. In the vast snowy lands of the northern state, the police were having difficulty finding the location of the fire, fortunately they were led by a clever dog that showed them the way.

Ben Heinrichs, 23, was in his family’s workshop when chemicals inside the shed were ignited by a heater.

As the fire began rapidly spreading, the family dog Buddy rushed out of the workshop to look for help.

(via Alaska Public Media – photo by Diana Haecker)

“I was out working in the shop.  I was using gas to clean parts on a truck, and I had an electric heater in there.  It ignited the gas fumes,” Heinrichs said. “I ran out, because I was on fire.  I had to roll in the snow, and I went back in and got my dog out.  I told him we needed to get help, and that’s when it all started.”

State Troopers responded to the emergency but were confused with the many winding forks and pathways on the road.

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It can be a difficult thing living in a place with minimal sunlight and vast wilderness all around.

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In this viral dashboard camera video, the police were searching for the fire when they noticed Buddy wandering the streets. The dog saw the police car and immediately raced down a street.

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The state troopers took this as a sign and followed the dog. Buddy had even looked back and slowed down to see if the car was following him.

via Channel – toxicblitzTV

After a few twists and turns, they finally found the home engulfed in fire.

Thankfully Heinrichs only suffered minor flash burns on his face and hands. Naturally the workshop was destroyed, but luckily the house suffered minor damage.

For his bravery, Buddy the dog received a very special award from the Alaska State Troopers in Anchorage – an engraved silver-plated dog bowl.


Watch the amazing video here!


This video was taken back in 2010 and made Buddy into a national celebrity. Sadly in a 2016 report by the Alaska Public Media, Buddy the dog had lost his fight with cancer.

Truly, what a good boy!

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SOURCE: Viral4Real, Alaska Public

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