Proud Mother Excitedly Shows Off Her Unique First Baby Photo With Lee O’Brien!

Proud Mother Excitedly Shows Off Her Unique First Baby Photo With Lee O’Brien!

  • Pokwang shared her sonogram on Instagram.
  • Many netizens commented their "congratulations."
  • See her picture here and be amazed!

Pokwang, despite her age, wowed the world (or rather, her fans) when she revealed that she was finally pregnant with her American partner Lee O’ Brien, whom she originally met on an independent film production.

In another article, Pokwang confirmed the news that she is carrying a baby inside her womb.  She stated that she has been pregnant for seven weeks. Now, Kami reports that the actress has just shown her sonogram in her latest Instagram posts.



According to the source: “The Kapamilya comedienne defied expectations with her pregnancy, as she was given a chance to conceive at the age of 44.”


The picture above showed Pokwang’s elation over the news. It was very evident that the expectant mom was happy since she attached a heart emoji on the said post, which indicates just how much she really wants a child with O’ Brien.

The source continued: “Since her followers received the news warmly, she treated them to the first photo of her upcoming baby on Instagram.”


The picture above has already been liked by netizens 32,069 times as of this writing. They also expressed their congratulatory messages in the comments section, where some peppered it with smiling, happy emojis. However, she didn’t state whether the baby was a boy or a girl.

In her post, she mentioned that fellow comedian Chokoleit shouldn’t be around her house now that she is pregnant. Of course, she only said that as a joke – or meant it in some way.

This is because the comedian is known for being loud and gregarious. Perhaps Pokwang was mentioning that he should stay away for a while so that the baby’s environment will be quiet.



That is not the first time that the comedienne gave birth. She already has a teenage daughter with her former Japanese partner. According to her daughter’s profile on Weebly, the latter has never met her biological father.

Meanwhile, Pokwang’s second child would have an American as its father, while her eldest has Japanese blood.



What do you think about Pokwang’s latest baby photo that was uploaded on her Instagram? Are you excited about her child? Tell us in the comments section below!


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