Prisoners From North Cotabato Raise ₱28,000 for the Evacuees in Marawi City!

Prisoners From North Cotabato Raise ₱28,000 for the Evacuees in Marawi City!

  • The prisoners of North Cotabato aimed to help the Marawi evacuees.
  • They decided to skip a meal so that they could raise funds to be donated.
  • Read on to find out the details of the story!

Prisoners are usually looked down upon by the society because they have committed crimes and acted against the law that separates them from the normal, law-abiding people.

As such, they are often left on their own, with only their fellow families to visit them. Sometimes, even their families don’t come.

But your image of a prisoner might change because Facebook fan page ‘ThinkingPinoy‘ just posted a shot of prisoners in the district jail of Kidapawan City, North Cotabato. According to them, the picture was shared by Eric Clark Su.



The picture has already gained 5.4 thousand likes as of this writing. According to them, the prisoners above have decided to sacrifice one meal so that they could save money in order to raise funds for the evacuees displaced in Marawi City, Mindanao.



From the post above, it could be said that the prisoners of North Cotabato really made a conscious effort in helping the people of Marawi.

Philippine News Agency confirmed the news and said that on June 14th, the prisoners of Cotabato skipped eating one meal. This was originally thought of by the prisoners themselves who expressed their willingness to help.

The report noted: “The budget intended for one meal for more than 1,000 inmates was used to purchase rice, noodles, canned goods and other non-food items.”

Jail Warden Superintendent Simeon Dolojo said in an interview: “It was a brilliant idea. While they were law offenders, a good part of their heart says they can still do good.”

He added that the prisoners also helped in repacking the goods that were to be brought to the evacuees. “Sharing for the needy is alive among the inmates,” Dolojo said.



The source said that the packed goods will be sent to the Bureau of Jail Management Regional Office (BJMP-RO) in Koronadal City. From there they will be transported to Marawi directly.

It also added that as of late, 183, 557 people have been displaced from the war-torn city, although there are still people that haven’t been accounted for.


What do you think about the prisoners’ move? Do you like what they did for the Marawi victims? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

SOURCE: Facebook

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