#Uberstories: Netizen Forgot Her Phone on an Uber Ride – Driver Returns It With This Sweet Gesture!

#Uberstories: Netizen Forgot Her Phone on an Uber Ride – Driver Returns It With This Sweet Gesture!

  • Uber has many #Uberstories that it shares to connect with netizens who use their service
  • This female netizen shared how she accidentally left her phone in her Uber ride
  • When the driver returned the phone, the netizen along with others got some major kilig vibes!

The Uber car transportation business has gotten a lot of buzz lately for its easy access and reliability. Once in a while, they release so-called Uber stories or #Uberstories as way to connect to their customers about their experiences with the service and its drivers.

This netizen shared how she accidentally forgot her phone on one of her Uber rides. The driver managed to find the phone and returned it to her – but not without a crazy story that’s sure to cause some major kilig.

via twitter.com/__cklucas


via twitter.com/__cklucas

Twitter user @__cklucas tweeted two photos with the aforementioned driver who returned her phone but also gave her a bouquet of flowers and some donuts!

via twitter.com/__cklucas

How sweet naman kuya!

The netizen even admitted that she felt like she had troubled the driver because he went out of his way to give her these sweet treats!

The driver must’ve been distracted by this netizen’s lovely smile!

Other netizens got the serious kilig vibes when @__cklucas posted her story.

Read some of their comments here!

via /twitter.com/__cklucas


via /twitter.com/__cklucas

She even told her mother about her sweet encounter with the Uber driver.

via /twitter.com/__cklucas

Could this be fate? Perhaps there’s something more to this story than just a chance encounter!

One netizen commented about a possible plot twist in this Uberstory! We wonder if the young lady checked her phone for a new number?

via /twitter.com/__cklucas


Her viral Tweet has received over 1.5K retweets and 29K likes as of writing

As it stands, no new developments have turned up between this young lady and the driver. #Uberstories indeed!

Could this be the start of something new?

Do you have any #UberStories you’d like to share? Have you had a sweet Uber driver ever bring you flowers and donuts?  

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SOURCE: Wethepvblic, Twitter

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