Bela Padilla Just Did a Hot and Racy “Despacito” Dance Cover! You Have to See It!

Bela Padilla Just Did a Hot and Racy “Despacito” Dance Cover! You Have to See It!

  • Bela Padilla is an up-and-coming star known for her acting talent.
  • In a surprising twist, the actress shows us another side of her through a viral "Despacito" dance cover video.
  • Who knew she had such a knack for dancing?

We should never forget that some of our favorite celebs have some hidden talents. These multi-talented celebs don’t just act, people! For example, Maja Salvador, long before she was a regular in ASAP, shocked everyone with her ability to dance. Sue Ramirez also gave us a wonderful surprise when she belted out a tune or two. But this story isn’t about them. It’s about Bela Padilla.

Bela Padilla recently gave a jaw-dropping performance that shocked a lot of her fans. People were blown away with the actress’ dancing skills!

In case some of you don’t know who Bela Padilla is, she is an actress/model who was discovered while she was on a field trip at the ABS-CBN compound. Turns out this actress was a gem of a find because she apparently had some superb acting skills. But only now did we find out that she could also put “dancer” in her resume.


People were talking about her dance cover of the hit song “Despacito.” She did justice to the Luis Fonsi hit with her graceful yet sensual moves. Netizens couldn’t believe that Bela had such agility as she perfectly nailed the choreography.


The video of her practicing her dance moves was uploaded by the YouTube channel “The PINOY Channel.”

Many netizens reacted favorable to the video. Bela’s fans and supporters totally loved it!


Now we know that there is something else to look forward to in Bela’s showbiz career. We saw her acting abilities on her recent television show “My Dear Heart” and now we are treated to Bela’s dancing skills. What else does she have up her sleeve? Who knows? Maybe she’ll surprise us again with another talent!

Curious to see Bela Padilla dance to Despacito? Watch it below:

What do you think of Bela’s dance moves? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

Source: Elite News Feed

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