Were The Lights Shut Off During Jessa Zaragoza ‘s Concert? Is That Why She Was Unable to Perform “Bakit Pa?” Read Here for the Details!

Were The Lights Shut Off During Jessa Zaragoza ‘s Concert? Is That Why She Was Unable to Perform “Bakit Pa?” Read Here for the Details!

  • Jessa Zaragoza was dubbed the "Jukebox Queen of the 90's" for her amazing hits like the iconic song "Bakit Pa?"
  • Rumors circulated that she was unable to perform her signature song during her recent concert because the venue owners turned off the lights during her concert!
  • Find out the truth in this following article!

If you grew up in the Philippines during the late ’90s, then you’ve no doubt had the pleasure of listening to the hit song “Bakit Pa?” by singer/actress/model Jessa Zaragoza.

Dubbed the “Phenomenal Diva” and the “Jukebox Queen of the ’90s”, Jessa Zaragoza released numerous hit songs during the early part of her career including the likes of: “Di Ba’t Ikaw”, “Ibigay Mo Na”, “Siya Ba Ang Dahilan” and “Baliw Na Puso”. However, the certified platinum song “Bakit Pa?” remains a fan favorite to this day.

The popular song was used in the soundtrack for the GMA Films produced romantic comedy movie of the same name. Jessa Zaragoza starred in the movie alongside actors Troy Montero and Diether Ocampo as her leading men.

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Jessa’s real name is Richelle Ann Loyola-Avanzado. She married singer, composer, actor and politician Dingdong Avanzado back in March 18, 2001. They have a daughter named Jayda and together they live in Vallejo, California, USA.

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Recently, Jessa went on Instagram to apologize to her fans who attended her concert at the Cache Creek Resort and Casino in Northern California. Apparently, Jessa Zaragoza was unable to perform her signature hit song “Bakit Pa?” because, according to rumors, venue officials turned off her lights during the show!



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Read her viral Instagram post here for the truth:

(via instagram.com/iamjessaz13)

Apparently, the venue had a 90-minute rule, so she had to cut off her long-awaited performance of “Bakit Pa?” as she had gone over the time limit. Despite the disappointing ending to her concert, Jessa remained very gracious for the opportunity and thanked her fans and the venue owners.

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Feeling nostalgic? Then watch this video posted by the Youtube channel PolyEast Records for that sweet rush of memories.

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