Vice Ganda Apologizes to Tony Calvento After Being Threatened to a Criminal Case! Details Here!

Vice Ganda Apologizes to Tony Calvento After Being Threatened to a Criminal Case! Details Here!

  • Vice Ganda apologizes to broadcast journalist, Tony Calvento.
  • The comedian compared the journalist’s appearance to Tawag ng Tangahalan finalist, John Mark Saga.
  • Vice said that he had no intentions of hurting anyone’s feelings.

It’s Showtime” host, Vice Ganda recently apologized to Tony Calvento. It was for comparing the journalist to “Tawag ng Tanghalan” finalist, John Mark Saga. The comedian’s letter of apology was read by co-host, Billy Crawford the following episode.

Vice explained that he had no intentions of hurting the journalist’s feelings. All he wanted was to give advice to the TNT contestant, that he should not feel insecure about his appearance.

The comedian wrote on his letter:

“Ang tanging intensyon ko ay magbigay-payo sa aming contestant na magtiwala sa sarili at sa kanyang kakayahan. Again, my sincerest apologies to Tony Calvento. Malaki po ang respeto ko sa inyo bilang isang journalist, kaibigan, at kapamilya.”


Calvento shared a post on Facebook that he would file a case against Vice Ganda. He was phoned by the comedian and he demanded a public apology. The journalist said that the comedian was in Korea when the letter was read.

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“Just because you’re a famous host you can make fun of anyone,” Tony added.


Moreover, Vice Ganda said the allegedly offensive statement during the segment, “Tawag ng Tanghalan” when Saga admitted uploading singing videos online but not showing his face. The contestant said that he was afraid that people would bash him because of how he looked like.


The comedian-host said that Saga should not be ashamed of his looks because it was a blessing. While giving the advice, Vice Ganda has mentioned the broadcast journalist’s name. He said:

“That is a gift… your face. Kahit gaano kalaki ‘yan, kahit kamukha mo si Tony Calvento, mukha mo ‘yan kaya dapat proud ka.”


Meanwhile, it can be remembered that this is not the first time that Vice Ganda had offended a journalist because of their appearance. Way back in 2013, the comedian also apologized to veteran journalist, Jessica Soho for involving her name in a rape joke during his concert.

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Jessica released a statement saying, “Rape is not a joke and should never be material for a comedy concert.”

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The said joke hit more than just the Kapuso journalist, but also human rights groups. The comedian swore that ‘rape’ would never be a theme on any of his performances again.

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Here are some of the netizens reactions:

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